Traditional Soytouch and French Soya

This traditional Soytouch is made with Soytouch French Soybean. Using Soytouch Soybean choose for his purity and quality Healthier and highly nutritious growed under sun and pure water of South of France. Quality Soytouch approved under France control administration Choose the Soytouch quality for your family and friends.

Traditional Soytouch and French Soya

Quality of France only for SoyFood

Quality of France only for SoyFood

Today, Soytouch offer you the choose to nourish you with extra pure Soybean product at same price. En france, nous disons : “on est ce que nous mangeons” Good health start with healthy Soy food. Keep tradition alive in keeping you in good heatlh.

South France the excellence for Soya

Soytouch Soybean is growing in South france : A good soybean is a soybean growing in clean land. In France, the population has the right to decide for farmers to using pesticides and chemical usages significatively. For example France is the first country of the world to prohibit completely the usage of American Chemical containing glyphosate. Soytouch and France choose to focus on high quality food grade Soya, because the world soy demand for this purity is expected and unfortunately whole America (USA, Canada etc ) and China are contaminated for the next decade at least. Why ? Because Water and Soil concentrate all chemicals that industry and agriculture are spreading everywhere, it take year and year to disappear. While this time all soya and other commodities are at each harvest with residu of chemical molecule. Nice on appearance, but destructor on long term on your organism when you eat every day.

Soytouch Soy is best for your nutrition

The Engagement of Soytouch Soybean for your nutrition :

Our Soybean is growing near of french wine under generous sun.
Water of our Mountain of pyrenées is cristal clean and all our field are using water irrigations system.
Soytouch team is controlling each field of soybean to ensure premium grade soy.
All our soybeans are obtaining level of proteins very high considering the optimal conditions of growing
We use epigenetic learning to select and improve the soybean quality.

Soytouch Soy is better for health

The Engagement of Soytouch Soybean for your health :

Soybean tested Free of pesticides
Soybeans Free of heavy metal and other strange chemicals ( no glyphosate)
100% free of GMO in France Soybean GMO is just Prohibited. Clear and simple.
Made in South France with love and finess
A land use only for food grade Soybean.

soybean analysis non gmo 99.99 pcr french food grade

Expect the elite world Soy

Soytouch is the brand for Chinese Market Soybean market of Les silos du touch SARL Soytouch Leading the production of French Soybean since 1998. Exporting to Extra Premium Soybean quality all across the globe. Soytouch offer exclusively Organic soybean and 100% Non gmo under the lowest limit of detection of PCR. Soytouch is supplier of French elite food maker, create soyfood product for baby food market and intolerant disease people. Traceability and guarantee of pureness is an obligation to insure safety of the excellence of the demand.

Nature and Soybean

The Soytouch is more than farming , this a live style : Growing soy at Soytouch this knowing agronomy. All our farmers are educate of bio activity of the soil. Leaving worms and bacterias of the soil doing their work to nourish fruitfully the soybean. We use technish of green cover to create natural fertilizer and plant field with plant who increase the fertilization of the future soybean. Also theses plants will structure the soil bringing air into the soil in order to optimizing the quality of harvested non gmo soybean. Non usage of nicotinoid chemical leave also bees doing their jobs to optimize the pollinisation of our soy and others crops. Making food grade farming is a science and we learn everyday how to make better our quality with the nature and no against .

Where Soybean grow in France ?

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